Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't call it a comeback!

Because it's not yet lol. Well I have been MIA as you can see. About to have my first baby and looking to start up blogging again and document my weight loss and gradual reintroduction of paleo lifestyle. It has been very hard to watch myself gain weight after getting down to 134 lbs and working so hard but hey I've done it before I can do it again. Went from doing crazy crossfit workouts and doing paleo strict to falling off little by little on my diet and getting pregnant and just really eating whatever the heck I craved for the last 9 months. So here I go this time you will see my journey and hoping to be more transparent. Gained about 40 lbs with this pregnancy and add to that the weight I gained prior to that from not being strict with my diet. However, I'm confident I can "SnapBack" to my old self and still be a great mommy and social worker all on one. I've started by freezer prepping some healthy meals for my postpartum plan... some paleo some just clean and healthy. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking a little break

Hi everyone. Sorry there haven't been any posts lately. Taking a little break and focusing on some other things but I will be back at it here and there. Won't be posting all of my recipes anymore I don't think but I will probably still be posting my experiences etc. Haven't figured it out yet. Life is just way too busy right now. But I'll be back! Feel free to look at some of my previous posts. Hopefully they are helpful to you

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Coconut Dark Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Paleo Pancakes

Just a quick recipe. I owe you guys a few actually. But alas work has consumed me and blogging actually takes a lot of work! Sorry for those of you who are looking for some of my Facebook posted meals. I haven't forgotten but hope this will suffice for now :). I really enjoyed making and eating these!

Here it is quick and dirty as I post from my cell phone lol...

Ingredients 3 ripe bananas 8 eggs, 3 pieces of broken off dark chocolate squares, Cinnamon, about 1/2 cup ground unsweetened coconut, 4 tablespoons almond butter, coconut oil to cook them in.

I took the bananas and almond butter and microwaved for about a minute or two to make it softer and easy to mash. Mashed down and added cinnamon meanwhile i melted the dark chocolate in the microwave. Mixed in chocolate and coconut added egg and combined and beat together. Warm skillet with coconut oil. Use 1/4 measuring cup or a stirring spoon and spoon pancakes 3 at a time into pot. When bubble toss over and do other side. Just want a light browning

Strawberries( you can just top like that or mix with a little bit of raw honey. Like a light drizzle literally will make them juice. Shake together and top pancakes with.)

Scoop your favorite Greek yogurt on top or you can omit this.

Enjoy! And no pancake mix needed or flour or any of that stuff. Totally healthy and had the consistency of regular pancakes just from adding the coconut.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Born Jamerican: Curry Chicken and Turkey Burgers

Hello all. Thanks for viewing my blog :). Looks like I'm overdue for posting some recipes. I spent Monday with my little sister and my mommy having some girl/ family time. So I did quite a bit of running around before I made it back to LA to prep dinner for the week. I was tired and really didn't feel like cooking but I knew if I didn't plan something hubby would probably eat something not so good for him at lunch and I would probably spend too much money on a meal myself. For this meal I wanted something yummy to last for the week's lunch and also when you grocery shop hungry you get a lot of ideas lol.

Since I'm Jamaican people often ask me if I know how to cook some of the food. The answer is yes but honestly I generally cook American food. I love Jamaican food like plantains, festival bread, ackee...but I can't say I cook it that often. Although I was born in Jamaica I've been living here most of my life so I have a mix of flavors that I like. If you notice though I am always adding spice to my dishes. That's the piece of Jamaica present in almost everything I cook. I NEED for almost everything to be spicy! So much so that what's too spicy for some I'm like okay this isn't hot enough lol.

One Jamaican meal that I know I am good at though is curry chicken, but of course I had to make a paleo spin to it. Generally the way my mom taught me to make it I would use chicken, onion, bell pepper, curry, spices and potatoes and put that over some white rice. With paleo I took out the potatoes and replaced with sweet potatoes and replaced the rice with cauliflower rice. I also added some shrimp and coconut milk for a kick. Like my last post I just can't do the traditional recipe break down because as with many things I create I just eye ball and put in what I want and taste so I hope this is helpful. If you guys have questions feel free to ask!

For dinner tonight the American in me was craving a burger and sweets so I made a protein style turkey burger and some Greek yogurt with berries and nuts for dessert. I made enough turkey burger patties for a couple days for dinner in case I don't want to eat the same thing I had for lunch or I want to switch it up. Always better to have options although both options for lunch and dinner are so good it's almost hard to believe I am burning fat and eating healthy. I don't know about you guys but I need more than a darn salad to keep me satisfied. One thing I learned from fasting from meat for a few weeks was that I need my protein. No offense to vegans and vegetarians but I just know its not for me. And now I'll stop rambling and move on to recipes :).


Coconut Curry Chicken and Shrimp
Chicken Breast
Shrimp (peeled and d-veined)
Sweet Potato
Bell Pepper
Jamaican Curry Powder
Sea Salt
Chipotle Powder
Canned Coconut Milk
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper
Olive Oil (or Coconut oil)
Water (about 1 cup or so depending how much chicken you have)

Chop sweet potato into about 1-2inch cubes. Chop up your onions and bell pepper into somewhat large pieces. Place in bowl and season with curry powder, garlic, black pepper and chipotle powder and set to the side (remember seasoning each layer gives more flavor).

Chop up chicken into 1 inch cubes and place in a different bowl (I used two whole packs of chicken breasts to make enough for the week). Season with all seasonings including a bit of sea salt to taste. You can also marinate overnight to soak in flavor but I didn't have time to do that and still tastes yummy.

In a large pot put about 2 tablespoons of Olive oil and put on medium/high heat. Place chicken and pot and cook and turn over with a spoon until chicken is mostly cooked (when its barely not pink anymore). Add in your bowl of veggies, coconut milk and water. Keep stirring and cooking on medium high heat for about 15 minutes then cover and lower heat to medium. Keep checking and stirring in about 15-20 minute increments. Once sweet potatoes are soft enough for your spoon to cut through comfortably, add your seasoned shrimp and cook uncovered another 15 minutes or until the sauce is as thick or as thin as you desire. As the sauce cooks it will thicken as the sweet potato cooks down into it. I like my sauce kind of in between so I cooked for about an hour and a half 2 hours.

Curry Spiced Cauliflower Rice
4 Cauliflower
Jamaican Curry Powder (doesn't have to be Jamaican but tastes the best to me :))
Chipotle Powder (or you can use red pepper flakes or Paprika)
Black Pepper
Sea Salt
1 Red Bell Pepper
Olive Oil
Ms Dash

Cut cauliflower into about 2 or 3 inch pieces or small enough to fit in your food processor. Take handfuls and put in food processor until broken down into smaller "rice-like"pieces. Transfer each batch into a large bowl. Once you finish grinding up all that cauliflower (WARNING VERY MESSY AND ANNOYING), chop up your bell pepper into very small pieces and add to the bowl. Add your seasonings to taste. I put about two large capfuls of curry powder in mine because I really hate the taste of it alone but if you don't like curry too much you can either put one capful or a little bit less but it will need that curry for flavor. I put a lot of spice in mine as well and about 2 tablespoons of sea salt.

Mix all ingredients together with a spoon and drizzle some olive oil on top and mix some more. You want to try and coat the mixture as much as possible although it will absorb the olive oil pretty fast. Take a baking sheet and spread your mixture evenly. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Check about every 20 minutes or so for the top layer to be browned. Once browned turn the mixture over several times with your spoon so that the whole thing will get a chance to brown. Put back in the oven and repeat this turning over until your "rice" turns from white to brown. Cook for about an hour or less depending on how much roasted flavor you want for your rice. See the two pictures below from when the rice was first put in the oven to when taken out.You want it to look lightly browned and almost like couscous.

Mango Salsa 
2 Mangos
1 Red Bell Pepper
1/4 Cup Cliantro
1/2 Lemon juiced
3 chives

Chop mango and bell pepper into small cubes and place in a bowl. Chop cilantro and chives very finely and add to bowl. Juice 1/2 lemon and squeeze over into bowl. Stir with a spoon. Use to top over your curry coconut chicken and shrimp! This salsa also tastes good over chicken chili or with some fish or simple grilled shrimp. Yum.

This is what my prep looked like. Pictured below from left to right is chicken curry and vegetables, shrimp seasoned with curry, mango salsa, and prep for cauliflower rice.

This is what it cooks down to. Delicious pot of yum and a nicely browned tray of roasted cauliflower rice. I just had to take a taste before I went to bed!

Finished product topped with mango salsa and meal prep for me and hubby for the week's lunch. TIP: you can package the "rice" separately so it doesn't get too soggy with the curry mixture over it and also the salsa so its fresh and cold on top for garnish or you can pack everything together. Either way still yummy and all the flavors go really well together.


Ground Turkey (or premolded turkey patties)
Black Pepper
Chipotle Powder (you see??? I put this in everything!)
Garlic Powder
Spicy Mustard (optional)
Lettuce (you can use any but the head lettuce holds the burger better)
Bacon (of course! )
Olive Oil
Store bought sweet potato chips and taro chips (These are veggie chips that can be found at Trader Joes or Ralphs)

Season your molded turkey patties with your favorite seasonings or the ones I suggested above. I also did a little dollop of spicy mustard and brushed on each side. Cook in a skillet on medium/ high heat and turn over once browned. After each side is browned cover and let cook another 5 minutes to get the juices and flavor in your burger.

Prepare your lettuce on each side of your plate like you would a bun. Place your tomato onion avocado and bacon on one side and you can add one more small squeeze of spicy mustard if you like (check the label for preservatives before you buy if you do this option). Place burger patty on top and cover with other half of your lettuce. Mold your lettuce around firmly and you can place in a sandwich zip lock bag or use some plastic wrap to keep the thing together while you devour it! Otherwise all that lettuce and veggies and burger juice will be dripping everywhere. Unless you eat it in 2.5 seconds like I did lol. Place your chips on your plate and eat a long side so you can forget about eating fries (<===me :-P) or just eat the burger without any sides. As Rachel Ray would say...Yummo!

1 container of honey flavored greek yogurt ( I recommend not getting the low fat or fat free version... not as yummy in my opinion)
1 handful of blueberries
4 or more raspberries (or you can use strawberries or blackberries whatever you like)
1 handful of honey roasted almonds (you may also use regular sliced almonds and just drizzle some honey over the whole desert on top)

Do I really need to describe how to make this?? lol. Put everything in a bowl then put all of it in your belly! (minus the bowl of course)

THE END... typos? sorrynotsorry :)

Again thanks for the support, kind words, and the read. Message me, subscribe, share!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meal Prep Sunday! Supercooking instead of the Superbowl...

So while everyone was screaming at the tv and watching Beyonce and laughing at commercials and yelling at plays and whatever else. I was on a mission to get some cooking done for the week for me and my hubby wubby :). As I stated in the last post just finished a 21 day fast from meat and I have to say I missed it very much but am feeling great. One thing I learned is that I can do without meat but that I don't want to lol. But, as a result I am going to do my very best to cut down on the bacon intake. Went grocery shopping today and only got one pack of bacon when I usually get two or three and eat it EVERY morning for breakfast. Hot mess I know but so delicious..and hey...If you were eating all the bacon you wanted and still losing weight why stop? Anyhow now I am rambling.

Here is what I made today. I am too exhausted to post an organized ingredient list type of recipe but if you want it just ask and I will tell you. Honestly though a lot of things can be made by just putting your own spin on the ingredients you see. Sometimes when I try and sit down and type up a recipe I get so frustrated because when I cook I don't really measure so its hard to say how much of what I put in. But again if you really want a more official recipe just send me a message but you should be able to create this without exact measurements so just read it and if its confusing just let me know.

Okay so my meals for the week. My Paleo Everthing Soup, Grilled Chicken Chipotle Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash and Chipotle Curry Roasted Cauliflower, and Stir fried Kale with Chipotle Shrimp Ground Chicken. Do you notice a theme? I put ground chipotle in pretty much everything. I LOVE spicy food. That's something I picked up from my Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper loving father God rest his soul.

Here are my creations....

Paleo Everything Soup
For the soup pictured on the left I basically sauteed all the veggies I wanted to get rid of in my fridge along with some garlic and seasoned with some sea salt, unsalted seasoning, ground chipotle, some cumin and thyme to give it a nice kick, and fresh cracked black pepper. In the meantime I took some ground beef and cooked it down in a saucepan as I warmed up my crockpot. I then transferred all my ingredients into the crockpot and added half vegetable broth and half chicken broth (its what I had leftover). Covered the pot and let it cook itself down while I prepared my other two meals.

Kale Shrimp Chicken Stir Fry
I took 4 cloves of garlic and let them cook in whole in some olive oil to give the oil a nice garlicy (not a word) flavor. Seasoned my shrimp with chipotle seasoning (surprise), black pepper, and spices and sauteed in the garlic oil along with the garlic for a couple of minutes until pink. Took them out and placed to the side and added half of a large onion (you can also use 3 or 4 shallots instead) and cooked down. Added ground chicken and cooked down with the onions. In the meantime in another pot I put 4 bunches of chopped kale, one yellow bell pepper, and 4 tomatoes in some olive oil and let that cook down. Once the Kale started to get wilted enough I added the ground chicken to it and stirred in all the flavors and covered. After a few minutes add your shrimp in stir in and cover again. It's finished depending on how soft or tough you like your kale. I like mine wilted a lot so I cooked it for a while. Came out super yummy. Ate it for dinner! You can also add a couple of slices of avocado on the side. Pairs nicely with the shrimp and chicken in this dish.

Grilled Chicken with Cinnamon Chipotle Sweet Potato Mash and Chipotle Curry Cauliflower
Chicken- Season to your taste and throw it on a George Foreman Grill or whatever kind of grill you have. If you don't have one then you can simply bake the chicken or put it in a pan.

Cauliflower- Let me start by saying...I HATE CAULIFLOWER.. lol. But...I know its good for me so why not make it suck less by seasoning it with delicious spices to cover up its gross flavor lol. My friend Charmaine will be proud of me for this one. So I actually saw this recipe on and just modified it a bit. I cut up the gross cauliflower and seasoned it with ground chiplotle (you can find it at fresh and easy, it has no sodium which is awesome), lots of fresh ground black pepper, Jamaican curry powder (any curry will do), a hint of sea salt, and a dash of cumin. Toss with some olive oil and place on a foil lined baking sheet. Roast them until they are as soft as you like and stir them around at least one time as they cook. I had my oven on about 400 didn't take long at all. After all of that it came out awesome. So I proved to myself that gross veggies can be good with proper seasonings!

Sweet Potato- Wrap in foil and bake like you would a regular potato. I put my oven on about 400 for this as well. Cook until soft enough to puncture with your fork. Remove from the oven and cut a slit in the skin and separate it off of the potato. Take a spoon and scoop out into a bowl. Season with Cinnamon, Chipotle Seasoning (or whatever spice you like or you can do without this), a hint of sea salt and mash together. You can also add a little bit of unsalted butter which really makes the Cinnamon flavor come out. I didn't have any butter (let a neighbor borrow some and they never brought it back #hoodproblems) so I did without but tastes just as good. Chrisbert really loves this so I specifically made this for him.

Then I packed URRRRYTHANG in all the Tupperware (is that how you spell it?) I could find lol.
So there you have it. Super cooking on Superbowl Sunday. I have to say. Although it was quite exhausting to cook three meals at once it feels great to know I won't have to come home after work and cook anything. Plus when I start cooking I can't sit down until I'm done. A habbit from my mother. Also, I really like making sure my husband has something yummy to eat that's home made. I guess that's the housewife in me that I got from my mom and grandma. I almost feel guilty when I don't have time to cook even though Chris is so laid back and doesn't really get fussy about that kind of stuff. I am proud of all my work! Hope you all have a blessed week and if you decided to stick with paleo then congrats! If not find what works for you and stick to it. Healthy eating is a lifestyle change so if one method isn't working for you try something else. I've been paleo since September and still loving it. If you want to know more about it and my journey feel free to read my first blog post and the others in my archive. Happy eating everyone. Looking forward to waking up for my hike in the am with my cousin. What are you guys looking forward too?

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hey guys. I have been a little MIA as of the past couple weeks sorry but I have talked to some of you personally and some I haven't just wanted to get some feedback on how everyone that tried paleo for 30 days did. I know one of my good friends lost over 10 lbs and looking to continue the lifestyle. Did you enjoy the food? Any struggles? Find some creativity you didn't know you had? Well I'd like to hear about it. Post your comments below and maybe for those of you who haven't tried it yet you would like to start Feb 1 or for those that did you want to continue and maybe incorporate a cheat day or two. I myself have been hit with a challenge through my church over the past few weeks to fast from meat which has been quite a struggle let me tell you. Especially since I am so used to all that protein to help with the intense workouts I do sometimes. But hey every challenge has a purpose and a reward. I will have gone 21 days without eating meat and I feel pretty good about being able to do it. How long did you try paleo? I hope you at least tried it before telling yourself it wasn't for you :). More recipes and updates to come regularly once I finish up this fast this weekend. Hard to post and talk about my yummy meat dishes when I can't eat any of them haha. Well have a blessed day all and don't forget to tell me about your experiences. I REALLY do want to know. If you don't want to share it on here just send me a private message. Also feel free to leave me some feedback about this blog. My first time doing this im open to suggestions :). Happy healthy eating everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Still Alive Sorry!

Been meaning to post and work has gotten super busy as I expected. Post coming soon guys. In the meantime check out I made her asian meatballs and also shrimp stuffed mushrooms for a potluck this weekend and it came out yum! If you guys have any questions in the meantime email me Facebook me call me post.. Any of those will do :). Bye for now

Interesting read about why you should avoid wheat. My husband just sent this to me. I avoid grains and wheat because it's not allowed on paleo but never fully understood why other than that I realized when I stopped eating it my tummy shrank and when I cheat and eat something with bread or sneak more than one slice of pizza I get super bloated.